Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bill 22 offends citizens of democracy

Those who support Bill 22 and attack teachers can't argue beyond the issue of money. Any individual who takes the time to read the Bill will understand the harsh and heavy-handed attack on democracy, justice and learning. The three day withdrawal of services means I lost three days of wages. You think this is still about money?

Bill 22 should be upsetting to any citizen, not just teachers, who cares an iota about democracy,. Bill 22 ignores the Supreme Court of British Columbia’s finding that the removal of class size, composition from teacher contracts in Bill 28 was unconstitutional. In addition, Bill 22 repeals this gov't's own Bill 33 consent/consult process that at least pretended to attend to class size and composition.

I wish I didn't have to defend learning conditions in my collective agreement. I wish I could trust the Ministry Education to look out for the best interest of students. I have little faith that this gov't cares about encouraging an environment conducive to learning.

I will assume that those who cry for teachers to “get back to work” do not want students to suffer. That’s why I’m defending them. Anyone who has read the bill will see past the rhetoric to the damage it will wield on our students.

Abbott promises monetary compensation to teachers for classes over 30. I don’t want compensation. Throwing money at me will not help my students learn. Protect learning conditions and keep your money.

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